Pamela's Goals In Atlantic City


Improving the quality of life for our residents, who are experiencing some of the worst public health outcomes in the state.

Safe and clean streets in every neighborhood from Maine to Jackson and from the ocean to the bay.

Address public health issues like mental illness, diabetes, infant mortality, obesity, addiction, and homelessness.

Ensure Atlantic City does not remain a food desert. 

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Supporting small business development and ways to diversify our economy and ensure resiliency for an uncertain future.

Diversify our economy to lessen our dependence on fluctuations in the casino industry.

Invest in non-casino development that increases our tax base and lowers property taxes for residents.

Build municipal and city talent while expanding opportunities for low-income workers.

Entice a new generation of students and homeowners to Atlantic City. 

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Accountability and professionalism in City Hall and expanding opportunities for youth in Atlantic City.

Professionalism in City Hall that works for residents by increasing government accountability, transparency, and public access to information and services.

Address the inefficiencies and disconnection between CRDA and the city’s permitting office.

Regularly scheduled Town Halls and organized citizen working groups to engage all stakeholders in the community.

Encouraging involvement of youth as our next generation of leaders. 

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